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Swimsuit Recreation

Swimsuit Recreation

17th Nov 2020

You probably have an old swimsuit in the back of your closet that you just can’t throw away. Years of wear have made it stretch and the fabric is loose and the straps no longer provide the support you need. It could be you wore it on a special vacation or it just had that perfect fit that you haven’t been able to find again. At Custom Swimwear, we can recreate your old swimsuit making new what was once old.

We start with a private fitting from Trish, the owner and designer of our fantastic company. She will talk with you about what changes you might want to make regarding the suit. Maybe you want there to be space for  swimwear shapers to help create lift in the bust line or perhaps the size needs to be adjusted to fit your body now.

After the measurements are complete, Trish will carefully take apart the old swimsuit and make a new pattern that will reflect all the changes made. This is the true start of your custom design. Our store carries many different fabric choices and you get to choose which one you want your suit to be made out of. Using the material of your choice, the pattern is carefully hand cut and sewn together with care in our own store.

Once your suit is finished, we call you to come in and try it on before taking it home. This way we can make any alterations that might need to be made and we do them right in store. Or, if you are a customer who has been working with us through phone consultation, we give you a call or ship your suit out as soon as it is ready. While you are here, you may want to browse our collection of  sheer beach cover-ups for an added layer of fun!

We also carry many suits in bra cup sizes AA-KK and pant sizes 00-32 along with our custom swimwear to work for EVERY-BODY. We want you to be 100% comfortable and confident when you wear one of our swimsuits.