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Soft foam cups add shape to bust-line. Use in swimsuits with pockets. One pair.

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    Soft foam cups add shape to bust-line. Use in swimsuits with pockets. One pair.

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    Sally Hagerman

    My new bathing suit!

    I can't tell you how many compliments I have had on my new suit, sporting it in Puerto Vallarta where there are many bathing suits to see. It's a great fit and does exactly what I was hoping, a little skirt covers my recent hip replacement scar but is still like a cute bikini! Thanks for the "Exelnt" customer service in fitting me well!
    Louise Anderson


    Everyone please look at the great job on custom swimsuit, choices of fabrics and excellent personal service before buying in department stores.
    Anne Marie

    bathing suits and shapers

    I order a bathing suit at least once a year and am never disappointed . I am a small person but am very top heavy so traditional store bathing suits do not fit me at all. I always order shapers with the suits, they do not make you look bigger, they just give you a little extra added support and shape. You may think these suits are pricey, but let me tell you they are sooooo worth it. I always get compliments when i wear any of my tankinis, and never have to worry about spillage :) Order now you won't be sorry...oh and they do refund you your money if you don't remove the tags and send back within a certain time frame. Where else can you get a custom suit with a guarantee? I know this sounds like a phony ad, but really really it is not! Have a fun summer!

    great bathing suit

    Thank you so much. I feel completely comfortable in this suit! Costumer service was excellent. I always despise shopping for swim wear but after coming here I'll never go anywhere else.
    Linda S.

    Very flattering style!

    Have worn this style for a few years! I always get compliments...very forgiving yet stylish! Love it!
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