Getting the Perfect Shot!

Getting the Perfect Shot!

Ever wonder what our models have to go through for that “perfect” shot? Today we are going to talk about the work that goes into capturing the stunning photos that are on our website.

It all starts with finding the perfect location. Whether we are shooting on the beach or in the studio, the background is just as important as the model. The location sets the tone for the shoot so we usually opt for colors that contrast such as the earth tone sand on the beach and the blue of the ocean with glittering white sea-foam.

Lighting is everything when it comes to photos and waiting for the perfect day can make all the difference. We aren’t looking for a clear sky though, we want clouds to help soften the often blinding sunlight naturally. Playing around with different shadow sources also helps to create dimension within the photograph itself. If we get a little wind, that is always a bonus! Wind creates texture within the hair and in our case, the water droplets too!

Once we have the perfect setting, we also have to choose which one of our many swimsuits will be the first one to be photographed! For our cover photo, our strapless underwire bikini was up first. Not only is the print super fun and colorful, but it looks beautiful against the colors of the beach. As much as we love to prepare for our photoshoots, we can’t always predict how the waves will come but the unexpected wave that came up on our model made for a stunning photograph that we LOVE! The best part is our swimsuits hold up and stay put for even the unexpected and all active.

Any of our women's bikini bottoms or other swimwear pieces can be made in your favorite print. We love being able to highlight our customers through our ‘Real Women Gallery’ on our website that features dozens of ladies rocking their swimwear. We hope that you will visit our website and join the Custom Swimwear family!